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Clients involved in real estate transactions and development must deal with municipalities on a daily basis. Accordingly, they need legal counsel who understand the extent and limits of municipal authority.

Developers, lenders, utility providers, and property owners and purchasers throughout the Lower Mainland depend on Access Law to help them navigate complex municipal processes and achieve the outcomes they need.

Our lawyers can advise you on a wide variety of municipal issues, including land use, zoning, subdivision, building and development permits, expropriation, water rights, agri-tourism, and Board of Variance appeals.

We consult on Local Government Act and Vancouver Charter, as well as related provincial and federal environmental legislation, including Waste Management Act, and Freedom of Information.

Employment & Human Rights Consultation
Negligence Claims
Commercial Contracts
development permit applications
individual litigation & taxation
agreements & covenants

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation is a complex minefield where good counsel is invaluable; an unrepresented or ineffectively represented litigant can fare poorly despite having a strong case.

Whether before the courts or tribunals, in mediations or arbitrations, or engaging in alternative dispute resolution, our lawyers have a history of achieving favourable resolutions for our clients. We are ready, willing, and able to navigate any manner of civil dispute.

creditor’s remedies
contract disputes
construction litigation
professional negligence
b.c. securities commission hearings
disability insurance claims

Injury Law

At Access Law we pride ourselves in deeply understanding our clients and the many ways in which their injuries affect their careers, families, and dreams. We have achieved extraordinary results for a wide variety of clients ranging from professionals to blue-collar employees who have been denied disability coverage despite disabling psychological and physical conditions.

As lawyers dedicated to excellence, our extensive track record includes the largest wrongful death award in Canadian history, as well as over four decades of dealing with the most complex brain, balance and catastrophic injuries.

We also understand that injuries suffered in modest accidents can be life altering and produce permanent disabilities. Concussions can result in lasting cognitive impairment, depression, and headaches which can cut short a successful career.

Soft-tissue injuries can become chronic despite years of rehabilitation, and can leave a previously strong individual with debilitating pain. An injury can cause or exacerbate a pre-existing psychological condition, such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety disorder.

Initial physical injuries can also conceal a more serious brain or psychological injury with the result that many lawyers lose key opportunities to collect essential medical evidence. We are alive to all of these issues from our first meeting with you. 

Whether your injuries are clearly catastrophic or characterized as “minor” by the wrongdoer or their insurer, we will use the same energy and care to help you recover the compensation you need.

Historic Motor Vehicle Claims
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Chronic Pain Cases
Workers Compensation Claims
Medical Malpractice Suits
Wrongful Death Claims

Employment & Labour Law

Count on Access Law for comprehensive guidance in all aspects of the employment relationship. From reviewing and drafting employment contracts, non-compete agreements, to intellectual property agreements and more, our lawyers provide sound advice with the object of diffusing problems before they escalate to lawsuits. We provide effective and cost-efficient representation where matters cannot be addressed through negotiation or mediation.

We also assist in the interpretation and application of collective agreement provisions and represent employees, employers and unions where there is a dispute. Access Law can help you to advance a grievance to arbitration or defend against a grievance, pursue an unfair representation claim to the Labour Relations Board, or assist with a wrongful dismissal claim in Supreme Court.

For Employees

A loss of work can be devastating and a major stressor. Even senior employees who have given decades of loyalty to an employer can be dismissed without cause, or with manufactured cause, leaving them with little ability to obtain equivalent employment with catastrophic emotional and financial consequences. Having a skilled advocate on your side can allow you to recover financially and move forward with confidence.

For Employers

The maze of common law, collective agreements, statutory employment standards, and human rights laws amount to a regulatory minefield which requires seasoned professional advice. For those difficult claims which don’t resolve pragmatically, our extensive court experience is invaluable to assessing a potential claim and, if necessary, seeing it through litigation.

Employment Law

  • Providing advice regarding compliance with a wide variety of legislation including the Employment Standards Act, Workers’ Compensation Board Act, Human Rights Act and relevant regulations and case law.
  • Pursuing injunctive relief against employees for use of confidential business information, client lists and trade secrets by terminated employees. Pursuing and defending wrongful dismissal claims pursuant to the Employment Standards Act.
  • Investigating Human Rights Act complaints, advising on human rights matters, such as sexual harassment policies, age and racial discrimination in the context of the race, age or sex requirements of the human rights legislation. Providing advice on policies respecting access by controversial groups to public facilities.

Labour Law

  • Assisting in interpretation and application of collective agreement.
  • Assisting in negotiating and drafting collective agreement provisions. Defending against grievances commenced by employees. Negotiating mediated settlements where appropriate.
  • Initiating policy grievances on behalf of the employer. Commencing applications to the Labour Board and Supreme Court where necessary to limit or restrict picketing.
  • Defending management exclusions and a variety of related proceedings before the Labour Relations Board.

Human Rights

We provide sensible and cost-effective legal services to strata corporations, businesses, and individuals in all aspects of federal and provincial human rights legislation.

Too often, organizations fail to understand the scope of the protections enshrined in this legislative web and the numerous court decisions interpreting it. Our lawyers help clients to avoid human rights complaints by identifying problem areas and guiding them through conflicts. Where a complaint has occurred, we intervene to curb protracted and embarrassing litigation which can diminish an organization’s reputation.

Access Law supports individuals who are being discriminated against or who need to inform someone – such as an employer or potential employer – that they need accommodations. Our lawyers can assist in bringing human rights claims before the BC Human Rights Tribunal or the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Difficult discrimination cases may have to be vigorously litigated and require skill, judgment and discretion in building a strong and effective case. We have advanced several high-profile cases involving the dismissal of senior employees following a decline in their mental health despite decades of successfully performing their positions.

Integrated Solutions for Complex Issues

At Access Law, we empower our clients with a high level of service in an accessible, efficient and affordable manner. Our friendly team of lawyers and paralegal staff are committed to understanding your needs and goals while providing timely, effective communication and excellent value.